Our History

Resource Automation & Electrical was founded in 1996 by Brad and Amy Walls. Resource has enjoyed the success of steady growth over the years due to the the vison of its leaders, hard work of it's employees, innovation, and adapatation to the industry.We have not always been known as Resource Automation and Electrical. Originally, the Resource name and current parent company was marketed as "Resource Production Company". Resource Production realized the need and opportunity for more automation in the energy sectors.  The strong emphasis Resource was to put towards it's knowledge of automation helped its customers with both time, money, and efficiency. The highly focused work of Resoure Production Company's  automation and electrical work created a change in the way our company was needed to be marketed. The vast array of work knowledge, employee backgrounds, and non-energy work request called for an expansion of service outside of just the energy fields. Over the years Resource has transitioned its knowledge and emphasis to align with the ever changing and expanding technology in the energy, industrial, water, and scientific fields.  Our goal is to help companies increase revenues, improve operational management, improve equipment life, and reduce man's environmental footprint with the aid of  our experitse, technologies, and products.


Since 1996 We have been helping our customers become more productive in their business by providing intelligent solutions through our increasing knowledge of the automation and electrical industry.

  We do the job right way....

  No cutting corners.

  Customers for life.