Resource Automation & Electrical ( a Division of Resource Production Co.) is a leader in automation and electrical products and services. We strive to put our clients first and offer first class solutions to their particular needs. At Resource, we offer a variety of turn key solutions to the energy, industrial, water/wastewater, and science/medical/R&D sectors of industry. We are factory reps and distributors for only the best products in our field. Resource realizes the best advertisement comes from our customers. We take no short cuts when it comes to our products and services!

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Our Mission at Resource Automation and Electrical is to provide powerful solutions and service to energy/production operations, industrial operations, water/wastewater facilities, and science/medical fields solutions, by utilizing fantastic products and highly trained and qualified personnel. 
    We proudly use our services in total environmental compliance. Resource Automation & Electrical is committed to the development of services that enhance the productivity of our natural resources while minimizing man’s footprint on the environment. We recognize our stewardship responsibility to future generations, and strive to provide services and products that will protect their prosperity as well as ours.


Allows for only authorized personnel
to access controls or entry.

 Resource Automation & Electrical offers the most accurate and dependable digital tank gauge on the market!

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E20589  E154105

A Tyco product assembly 

Introducing : MAGNACABLE. Click on Picture for PDF Brochure.

Keep A Safe Connection.MagnaCable is a Mineral Insulated cable (M.I. Cable) thay can withstand the harshest of conditions. Flexible yet secure, Magnacables are becoming the new standard of wiring in hazardous locations. With the use of Magnacable Mineral Insulated Cable, you not only eliminate the safety concerns of conduit and wire installations, but also eliminate the cost of additional material.

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